BCP is a middle-market services and infrastructure-focused private equity management firm established in 2013 with a rich history of experience.

Structuring for Possibilities.

BCP has deployed capital in four funds across several strategies and is ranked as one of Private Equity International’s 300 largest private equity firms worldwide. BCP seeks to create sustainable value by leveraging its experience in acquiring, operating, and growing services and infrastructure businesses1.

1 As of June 2021.

Private Equity International’s 300 Largest PE Firms Worldwide.
Team Members and Operating Partners
Years of Combined Team Industry Experience

Envisioning a Bright Future with a Deep Investment Team.

BCP was launched based on the belief that extensive market insights, operating expertise, and industry relationships are differentiators within the traditional middle-market private equity competitive landscape.

Since 2013, the Firm has grown in scope and vision. The BCP team currently embraces more than 40 members and operating partners, with a deep investment team and a full legal, finance, compliance, and support staff. Our network of senior advisors supports sourcing and execution efforts for sustainable investment practices.

BCP Strategy


Committed Partners.

ESG leadership is tasked with establishing clearly-defined goals to enhance BCP’s commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and governance oversight.

ESG in Action

How We Started.

Launched in 2013, BCP has a legacy of success guiding its future. At its foundation is a group of infrastructure and operational leaders that contribute their wealth of experience in diversified industrial and commercial services. The collective includes former Fortune 500 CEOs, CFOs, and a range of executives from engineering, procurement, construction and utility firms, each with operational know-how and financial insight.

Two BCP employee focused on the speaker during a meeting in the conference.

Today and Looking Forward.

BCP knows the importance of supporting services from the ground up. There are no days off for the people and companies who ensure continued operation of water and power plants, optimize renewable fuels, respond to disasters, and assure the many essentials of daily life carry on. Our leaders in critical infrastructure services continue to empower our team and investments to benefit the companies and communities served.

Right Steps at the Right Time, Right on Target.

We believe sellers and partners value transacting with BCP because of their confidence in our:

  • Capability to close
  • Responsiveness and straightforward communication
  • Creativity to address seller/partner needs
  • Ability to drive value creation
  • History of success
  • Ability to move forward efficiently

Our experience and expertise have grown and, we believe, will continue to grow sustainable, successful industry-leading businesses.

Meet Our Team

Our blueprint for success.

Our Strategy

Our focus for sustainable value and stewardship.