Strategic investments in essential services and infrastructure.

With a strong reputation and industry relationships, BCP focuses on sourcing proprietary opportunities to maintain price discipline while conducting thorough due diligence and developing a value creation plan prior to investing.

Impassioned, Forward-thinking Focus.

In a successful building project, a blueprint takes the concept to fruition. BCP takes this same mindset to investing. We build our vision from our plan. We look at underlying industry dynamics and trends for compelling acquisition opportunities and build our investments.


Value-Added Infrastructure Investments.

BCP’s infrastructure strategy is based on our extensive experience and monitoring of trends in the electric, gas, and water and wastewater utilities market. Our approach involves working closely with management to reduce costs, better manage capital plan execution, and increase reliability. BCP focuses on investments that we believe:

  • Generate environmental and economic benefits for communities
  • Embody a value-oriented approach to building, expanding, and consolidating critical infrastructure systems
  • Introduce innovative technologies to further modernize critical infrastructure systems
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BCP Knows the Importance of Supporting Services and Infrastructure from the Ground Up.

There are no days off for the people and companies who ensure continued operation of water and power plants, optimize renewable fuels, respond to disasters, and assure the many essentials of daily life carry on. Our leaders in critical infrastructure services continue to empower our team and investments to benefit the companies and communities served.

Our Blueprint Approach.

Our Blueprint-focused approach is the method by which BCP seeks to identify desirable specific sub-sectors of our core infrastructure industries. Then, through deep research and operational insight, we develop a top-down analysis with the goal of capitalizing on specific trends, growth opportunities, and sector inefficiencies. Our in-house, operational experience is integral to our Blueprint approach. We leverage our institutional knowledge and networks to identify companies and management teams that we believe are well-positioned to capitalize on these overlooked inflection points to create significant value.

BCP Portfolio
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Essential Process for Essential Services and Infrastructure.

BCP relies on its extensive industry insights and disciplined investment processes to conduct a thorough strategic, operational, and financial evaluation of each investment opportunity. Deep industry experience is crucial in the field of critical infrastructure services. We know the risks and the determination it takes to do the jobs in essential services. We’ve been there. We’ve done that.

Proprietary sourcing, outside of competitive sale processes or auctions, is important to identifying compelling opportunities and achieving industry-leading results. Bi-lateral discussions improve BCP’s ability to conduct thorough diligence, determine the potential for operating improvements, and execute a transaction at an appropriate valuation. Each of our past 50+ acquisitions have been proportionally sourced on a proprietary basis. BCP believes it obtains advantaged sourcing through:

  • Our broad network and outstanding reputation to target opportunities with an attractive risk profile
  • Proactively pursuing investment opportunities because of BCP’s Blueprint analysis
  • Credibility as a true operator because we’ve lived and worked in critical services industries
  • Sellers and partners prefer transacting with BCP because of their confidence in us
BCP’s Investment Committee applies expert market knowledge to initially screen investment opportunities, identifying promising leads. The deal teams can then focus efforts on the most attractive opportunities to conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments. The full evaluation process is performed in stages to ensure efficient allocation of time and resources only to those opportunities able to withstand increasing levels of scrutiny.

BCP employs a rigorous due diligence process to develop a well-informed view of each potential investment opportunity on key strengths and weaknesses, value-add potential, and the risk profile. Our deep operating experience and access to other sector experts provides for a more insightful, detailed, and efficient evaluation.

Each opportunity is structured with a specific focus on risk mitigation and flexibility. Risk mitigation minimizes downside potential in the event an investment faces unforeseen challenges. Flexibility will promote growth and provide adaptability in the execution of the business plan.
Potential investments brought to our Investment Committee should have a strategic angle, be outside of a competitive sale process, leverage BCP’s operational skills and relationships, and have an attractive risk-adjusted base case rate of return. Through our Blueprint process, the deal team updates the Investment Committee on due diligence, valuation, and the status of discussions with the partner or seller. Our process is highly interactive and designed to encourage open and frank debate of an investment’s opportunities and risks to benefit from multiple perspectives.
BCP pursues investments for substantial opportunities to generate value through its operational expertise, industry knowledge, and relationships. Key factors are to support and build strong management with active participation and incentives for success.
BCP’s Portfolio Committee meets quarterly to review BCP portfolio companies with the respective deal teams to discuss the operating strategies of the Firm’s portfolio companies. These open discussions include:

  • Identification and monitoring of the principal value drivers and key performance indicators
  • Identification of market and operational trends
  • Challenging the deal teams on the strategic direction of portfolio companies
  • Advising the deal teams on important strategic decisions
  • Development, implementation, and monitoring of a value creation plan for portfolio companies
  • Analysis of potential realization strategies and evaluation of capital market and exit opportunities
Exit planning begins during due diligence and the investment approval process where potential buyers, exit alternatives, and key exit value drivers are evaluated. Preparations for a successful exit are an ongoing priority of the deal team that monitors a variety of factors to determine how and when to exit.

Ultimately, the right time to exit is a judgment call for BCP based on careful consideration of risk and realization. Once BCP has delivered value and created a stronger, more resilient company, BCP believes that its portfolio companies are likely to be highly sought-after assets by financial and strategic acquirers.

Our focus for sustainable value and stewardship.


Our investments are essential.


Our experience and expertise have grown and, we believe, will continue to grow sustainable, successful industry-leading businesses.

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